Today was a great day at CRDBR!
In the singles we had 4 very disputed games! We had 3-hour games that show how hard these games were played!
The French Oceane Dodin that tomorrow will play against the Spanish Julia Payola and the Turkish Pemra Ozgen will play against the Spanish E. Guerreiro Alvarez went trough the semi finals.

The games start at 12:00 and then at 16:00 we will have the doubles finals in which they will face the Australian Alison Bai and the New Zealand Paige Hourigan (last year winner in singles) with the Portuguese Francisca Jorge and the Spanish Olga Parres Azocyte. Promise for what has already been seen a very high level!

This final will be broadcast live on our site!
There will be drinks serving in the grass between court 2 and 3.
Around 650/700 people were watching the games!