Jorge Prata Ribeiro

Jorge Prata Ribeiro

CRDBR President

The Club Recreativo e Desportivo Brasileiro Rouxinol (CRDBR) is proud to host another edition of the Seixal Ladies Open. This year, we have raised the bar even hig-her, featuring a tournament on the World Tennis Tour with a prize money of USD 40,000. This achievement is a testament to our strengthened credibility and performance on the national tennis scene and our growing international visibility. We have high expectations and the firm belief that we are well-prepared for this significant challenge.

This dream was realized through the generous financial support of the Seixal City Council and the Portuguese Tennis Federation. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Mayor of Seixal, Dr. Paulo Silva, and the President of the Portuguese Tennis Federation, Dr. Vasco Costa, for their unwavering commitment. Our sincerethanks goout to both!

While organizing this event is a demanding pro-cess, it is also incredibly rewarding, thanks to the partnerships and sponsorships that share our enthusiasm and ma ke this event possible.

We would like to highlight the inva lua ble colla bo-ration ofthe Seixal Town Hall, the Corroios Pa rish Council, the Portuguese Tennis Federation, and the Setúbal Tennis Association. From the outset, these organizations have supported and encouraged us in pursuing this goal.

By hosting this tourna ment, we offer our athletes and the public the chance to witness top-tier tennis, serving as an inspiration to embracel women’s tennis. Aligned with the municipality’s Sports for All policy, CRDBR encourages our youth to take up tennis, promoting it as a key sport in Seixal.

To everyone involved, we extend our deepest appreciation for making the fifth edition of the “Seixal Ladies Open” a reality.

To the participants and their companions, the technical teams, other staff, and visitors, welcome to this event, to our club, to the parish of Corroios, a nd to the municipality of Seixal. We will spare no effort to ensure your stay with us is excellent, and we sincerely hope to welcome you back next year.

Paulo Silva

Paulo Silva

Seixal Mayor

I am pleased to welcome yet another Seixal Ladies Open, an international event that has brought the best of women’s tennis to our parish of Corroios.

It is important to note that, as this tournament is part of the Women’s World Tennis Tour calendar, of the International Tennis Federation, we can expect some thrilling matches on the courts of the Clube Recreativo e Desportivo Brasileiro Rouxinol (CRDBR).

Aspecial thank you to the CRDBR, which has, over the years, promoted the growth of tennis in our parish and our municipality, inspiring hundreds of people, both young and not so young, to fall in love with this sport.

I would also like to extend my gratitudetothe players, coaches, and judges participating in this tournament. I wish them every success and hope they enjoy their stay in our town of Corroios.

Wishing everyone an excellent tournament!

Vasco Costa

Vasco Costa

FPT President


A new edition of the Seixal Ladies Open is about to begin! This year, we celebrate women’s tennis with an exciting update: the tournament, organized by the Clube Recreativo Desportivo Brasileiro Rouxinol and supported by the Portuguese Tennis Federation, has been elevated to the W50 series of the ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour. As a result, the prize money has increased from $25,000 last year to $40,000 this year.

This upgrade not only enhances the competition by attracting higher-ranked players but also demonstrates the growth and rising prominence of the Seixal La dies Open on the international tennis calendar.

This event is a significant contribution to women’s tennis in Portugal. The Portuguese Tennis Federation has long been dedicated to promoting and encouraging the creation of such events. It’s worth noting that a WTA tournament was recently held in our country, something that hadn’t occurred in many years.

Expanding the competitive landscape is crucial not only for Portuguese tennis players but also as a powerful means of promoting and publicizing women’s tennis.

The Seixal Ladies Open is, therefore, a land-markevent and an important step towards the growth of tennis in Portugal.

Hugo Constantino

Hugo Constantino

President of the TownCouncil of Corroios

It is with great pleasure that the Seixal Ladies Open returns to the Clube Recreativo e Desportivo Brasileiro Rouxinol, the parish of Corroios, and our municipality. This is another initiative organized by popular associative movement, local government body, and support of the tennis association and federation.

Nowadays, we live in a society with sedentary habits, in which sports are increasingly important. The community groups have been assuming a decisive role in counteracting these habits, becoming a social space and health promoter, and having the local government body as their greatest partner.

The officers, technicians, athletes, and practitioners, have in the local collectivities a School of Life. I congratulate each one of you for the work you develop with gusto! In a pandemic context, the parish council of Corroios responded with measures meeting the needs of the population and seeking its proximity, maintaining a public service with quality, and permanent articulation with the community.

With proximity, involvement, and participation, aiming at social cohesion and sustainable development of the parish, we are implementing various actions and projects that meet the needs of the community.

The Seixal Ladies Open and also the Corroios Open are synonymous of the strengthening and proximity to cultural and sports associations and social solidarity institutions. The village of Corroios welcomes everyone who wants to visit us and participate in this fantastic initiative.

Fernando Alves

Fernando Alves

Tournament Director

“Tennis in our region”

The Setúbal Tennis Association is delighted to support another edition of the Seixal Ladies Open.

We are proud that Club Recre-ativo e Desportivo Brasileiro Rouxinol (CRDBR) is hosting another prestigious international tournament, the ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour W50, with a prize money of USD 40,000.

The CRDBR has consistently demonstrated its ability to organize outstanding events, matching the standards of the best clubs in our country. Their efforts have significantly contributed to the growth and quality of tennis in our region.

We extend our gratitude to the club, the Portuguese Tennis Federation, and the Seixal Town Hall.

We wish the event great success.